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August 15, 2013FINALLY: Authentic, Premium-Quality Chorizo Comes to the US!

Pata Negra LLC introduces Imperial, the authentic chorizo, at the 2013 Specialty Food Association Summer Fancy Food Show.

GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. - The chorizo category is well established in the USA, with most specialty food markets and high-end groceries carrying at least one brand. And while many American charcuterie lovers think they are familiar with chorizo, the fact is that unless they have tried chorizo in Spain, they have never tasted authentic, premium chorizo, which is a world apart from what is currently available in North America, domestic or imported.

Pata Negra LLC will be changing this in 2013 as they bring truly authentic, premium chorizo to American consumers through the launch of the Imperial brand of exceptional chorizos. These artisan-cured sausages, authentic to the standard set in the Extremedura region of Spain, offer unrivaled flavor, texture, and quality. One taste, and it becomes clear that this is chorizo as you've never tried it before. In fact, even before you taste Imperial, you know this is something set apart from any chorizo you've had before - it simply looks and smells more delicious. Steve Jenkins, described as "New York's highest-profile grocer" (New York Magazine), and "the enfant terrible of the fancy food business" (The New York Times), rates Imperial chorizo "the most delicious example of chorizo I've ever tasted."

The Imperial products are made true to century old recipes derived from the region of Extremadura, and are crafted by Extremadura-native Alfonzo Blazquez in the company's state-of-the-art facility in Gloversville, NY.

General Manager of Pata Negra LLC, Ignacio Saez de Ibarra explains what makes Imperial chorizo different. "Pata Negra makes our chorizo true to ancient Spanish methods, using no shortcuts. We source the highest quality US pork cuts, genuine Spanish Pimenton paprika, and premium hand selected spices. Master chorizo-maker Alfonzo Blazquez guides the creation of our artisan chorizo, which is naturally air-cured according to a traditional long curing process, allowing the flavors to blend and the chorizo to develop it's signature tangy flavor, color, aroma and perfect texture." Saez de Ibarra points out that Imperial chorizo is not heat treated, a step that speeds up production at the expense of flavor and texture. The best Spanish chorizos are made this way.

Imperial chorizo stands alone as the centerpiece of a meal, and is perfect for the traditional Spanish sandwich, a Bocadillo de Chorizo: simple fresh peasant bread, thinly sliced chorizo, and a little Spanish olive oil. Says Blazquez, "This is the way I like to enjoy Imperial; it lets the unique bouquet of this sausage shine through."

Imperial Chorizo will officially launch at the 2013 Summer Fancy Food Show from June 30 to July 2 at booth 2426.

The five pork sausage varieties include: Imperial Chorizo, Imperial Salchicon, Imperial Fuet, Imperial Sarta, and Imperialitos, and will be available for purchase via a variety of channels, including wholesale distribution, foodservice and internet retail. For additional information, visit www.imperialchorizo.com.

About Pata Negra LLC
PATA NEGRA LLC is an American corporation located in Gloversville, NY that brings hundreds of years of tradition to the United States through the production of authentic Spanish chorizo. The Spanish-style gourmet pork sausages are made true to century old recipes derived from the region of Extremadura, and are crafted by Extremadura-native and master chorizo-maker Alfonzo Blazquez. The use of hand selected all natural ingredients, and lengthy air-curing process, allows the ingredients to season slowly and produce Imperial: The authentic taste of old Spain. Imperial chorizo is never heat-treated, a process that speeds up production at the expense of flavor. The five products distributed by Pata Negra LLC include: Imperial Chorizo, Imperial Salchicon, Imperial Fuet, Imperial Sarta, and Imperialitos. PATA NEGRA LLC's products are currently available for purchase online via www.imperialchorizo.com, foodservice and select specialty food stores.

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